Bone Grafting in San Ramon, CA

Your jawbone's strength is essential to your overall dental health. If your jawbone is weakened from physical trauma or missing teeth, you may need bone grafting so the jaw can securely hold both your natural teeth and dental implants. Bone grafting helps to reinforce and build up your jawbone so it's healthy enough to support a dental implant. At San Ramon Family Dental, this surgery is performed to prepare your jaw for subsequent dental implant surgery to replace weak or missing teeth. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Rupam Khanna at her San Ramon, CA office to learn more about bone graft surgery.

The exact process of your bone grafting procedure will depend on the graft source and the amount of grafting needed. The donor bone may be removed from another bone in your body, such as your chin, shin, or hip, known as an autograft. This may be performed in our office using local anesthesia and sedation or at a surgical facility using general anesthesia. Additional graft sources may include an allograft, which uses bone harvested from another human. A xenograft uses bone taken from an animal, generally a cow. A synthetic bone graft, known as an alloplast, may also be used. Dr. Khanna will explain your graft options during your consultation and help you choose the best plan.

Once your graft is ready to be placed, Dr. Khanna will prepare the areas being treated and make an incision through the gum tissue to expose the bone. The graft will be affixed to the bone along with collagen and proteins that encourage the graft to attach and grow. The incision will be stitched closed, and the area will be cleaned.

At San Ramon Family Dental, bone grafting offers a variety of advantages for San Ramon, CA patients with bone loss in the jaw. Here are some key advantages:

  • Could work to limit added damage to the teeth and jaw
  • Can give patients a more beautiful, normal-looking overall appearance
  • Provides a sturdy base for tooth restorations, such as dentures and crowns
  • Works to safeguard the face shape and prevent a sunken appearance
  • Provides a sturdy base for dental implants
  • Promotes improvement of comprehensive dental health
  • Stops additional jawbone loss and decay

Everyone at San Ramon Family Dental is friendly and helpful. They contacted me immediately after I left an after-hours message about my fractured tooth. My husband and I have been going there for over five years and are extremely satisfied with the care.

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Me and my family have been patients of San Ramon Family Dental ever since they opened their doors decades ago! Dr Khanna and her team are welcoming, friendly and highly skilled professionals who all take excellent care of their patients. I have and will continue to recommend her to my friends and acquaintances with the upmost confidence. Thanks for taking such good care of my smile!

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Dr. Khanna and her entire office staff go above and beyond to provide the best experience in dental care. My wife and I have been with Dr. Khanna for a very long time and enjoy her professional and personal touch in keeping us smiling.

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No pain, love this place.

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My two boys and I have been with San Ramon Family Dental for 17 years now. The reason we’ve stayed with Dr. Khanna all these years is because of her honest practice and true nature. Her whole team is beautiful. Her right hand Kaela is the most helpful person you’ll find . I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Khanna at any chance I get.

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Build up your jawbone so it can hold both dental implants and your natural teeth with surgical bone grafting at San Ramon Family Dental. During your consultation with Dr. Khanna, you will learn more about your options for graft material and get a unique plan for treatment that leads to a stronger jawbone. Contact our team in San Ramon, CA to schedule your appointment.

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